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Serving your spa

Spa and pool maintenance

We offer weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of your spa or pool.

This maintenance includes a summary check of the equipment in your spa or swimming pool as well as an adjustment of the products necessary for clear and welcoming water. Perfect for those who want peace of mind and enjoy their investment.


Our qualified technicians are able to repair your spas and get them back into working order as quickly as possible. We keep several parts in stock to avoid delivery delays and we are ready for any eventuality.

When it comes to hot tub repairs, in-home service is the simplest option. A technician comes to your home, checks the condition of the spa and provides you with a diagnosis. Then he makes the repairs. Once the work is done, all you have to do is enjoy the benefits of your repaired spa.

Water analysis

We offer a fast and accurate water analysis service that allows you to determine exactly the quantities of products needed to add to your spa or pool.

The analysis is done in a few minutes and makes it possible to quantify the following elements:

  • Total and combined chlorine
  • Bromine
  • pH
  • Calcium hardness
  • Total alkalinity
  • Cyanuric acid (pool only)
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Salt
  • Phosphates

Simply bring a water sample to the store.

Opening and closing spa

When the temperatures are good, a technician will come to your home to prepare your spa. This ensures that it carries out

  • Draining the antifreeze
  • Checking the correct operation of the equipment
  • Filling the spa and adjusting the water chemistry

Once the summer season is over, a closing service is offered. Your spa is then winterized safely so that it is in perfect condition the following year.

Inflating floating toys

Descending the Red River on a floating toy is a pleasant activity appreciated by the people of the region.

Come visit us to get yourself a tripe or an inflatable mattress and we will be happy to inflate it for you quickly so that you can enjoy an afternoon of pure relaxation without having to get worked up first.

Spa rental

It is now possible to rent a spa! Perfect for a couple or family vacation! We arrive with the spa and the water already hot. Our technicians install it, fill it and ensure that it functions properly.

Once you're done, we come back to take over the spa and you won't believe what you just experienced.

Spa moving

You move? No problem. We are fully equipped to professionally unplug your spa, bring it to your new home and then reconnect it so that it is fully functional in record time.

Your time is precious, spend it managing your move and not wondering about the best technique for moving your spa!

Spa refurbishment

No matter how it got there, that old spa sitting in the back of your yard is still full of potential! Our technicians are equipped to give it new life and allow you to enjoy it quickly. Specifically, we perform the following actions:

  1. General check of the piping
  2. General check of jets, o-rings and gaskets
  3. Maintenance of the motor and electrical boards
  4. Checking directional valves and air inlets
  5. Complete reconstruction of the side panels (strength, paint)
  6. Solidification or reconstruction of the base

Your reconditioned spa will be tested intensively for 4 to 7 days before being returned to you so that we can ensure that everything is working optimally.

Advisory service for new spa installation

The spa is an important element of your home or business and it is important to properly prepare its installation and layout. The experience we have in the field allows us to advise you in an educated manner in order to avoid as many inconveniences as possible.

Replacement of lids at home

We can take care of replacing your spa cover in case it is damaged or out of date.

You only need to inform us of the following:

  • The height
  • The desired color
  • Presence of unique characteristics of your spa (presence of speakers, unusual geometry, etc.)
  • Desired cover strength

Once the order is ready, we will come and deliver and install your new cover. If you wish, we can collect your old lid so that it does not clutter your home.